Topaz AI Focus issue when returning to Photoshop

I launched Topaz AI from within Photoshop. I then made changes using Focus to a small part of the image using masking. The result looked good and I was pleased . . . . but when I then Apply the change and it exports the image automatically back in to Photoshop, the changes I made show hardly at all and certainly don’t look anywhere near as good as when I’m viewing it in Topaz.
I have the latest versions of both Topaz and Photoshop and run on a very fast PC with a good monitor.
What could be causing this apparent anomaly?

What product are you actually using, is it Sharpen AI?

Go to Help-> Graphics info, press Copy and paste the info here.

Also post screenshots of the same area in the image, at 100% zoom, from Sharpen AI and PS.