Topaz advertising should target more non photographers, people in media agencys, advertising, prepress

I’m a photographer, but also someone with an adv. agency background and I feel that this is a much bigger audience which even has a greater need and use for the " Image Quality Bundle" than photographers.

People preparing content for websites often deal with the problem of not so perfect image content and sometimes is impossible or nearly impossible to get the better quality file, even if you are confident that it exists. For these use cases the topaz software is beyond godsend.

Also ask people who are doing stuff for print how bad the source material often is and what gets printed besides it looks like dogsh… . At some point people are just giving up. This even happens in high end print productions. If you experience this you only can giggle about the fights from all the arm chair photographers if this 24mpixel is better than that 40megapixel with this glass camera.

Btw. I know Topaz advertising since forever and always thought it is complete over exaggerated, too good to be true … but it works. I still find it super weird how good it works.
If I had the Topaz Image Bundle some years earlier, it would have saved me thousands of super annoying hours of work.