Topaz Adjust - default preset which is loaded automatically if the plugin is openend

How can i make or change the default preset which is loaded automatically if i open the plugin?

Thank you for your help.

It opens with whichever preset you last used, and you can’t change it. All you can do is hit reset at the bottom right to clear it.

I use paintshop 2018. I opens with the last preset but it doesnt load it. This means that the effect wont be added to the picture if i click the ok button.
I would have to click on the preset name again.
I would like to run a adjust batch processing with paintshop 2018. This is only possible if the preset would be loaded automatically. Topaz Labs studio has a batch processing feature but it doesnt run on my computer.

I saw that only the collection is loaded but not the last preset. Does someone know another progamm which could be used for a batch processing task with adjust beside topaz studio and photoshop?