Topaz Adjust crashes after opening

Topaz Adjust crashes after opening it thru both LR and PS. The program will open and I can move sliders on the right side. As soon as I click on a preset on the left side, it immediately closes.This occurs in both LR and PS, so it’s a TA problem. I’ve uninstalled and re installed TA many times but it makes no difference. It used to work a few months ago so not sure what happened. Anybody have any ideas?


Firstly go to your “%localappdata%\Topaz Labs\Topaz Adjust 5\Presets” directory and delete the following file:

  • TopazPresetsDB

Then inspect the “My Collection” directory in the Presets directory and delete any presets with duplicate names.

To find the correct directory copy what is in the " " and paste that in the file explorer and press enter and you will be taken to the presets directory.

OF COURSE I am assuming you have Windows and you didn’t give any information about your PC.

I apologize…I have a MACBook Pro.

For all Topaz products check the file locations here:

Where do I find the Presets directory on my MAC. I went to Applications/Topaz Labs/Adjust but no presets directory.I also searched my MAC for it and it is not there. Thanks for your help. It is really frustrating.

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From that article it looks like … User Library/Application Support/Topaz Labs/ and I guess it would be Adjust after Topaz Labs

Don’s info and file path above to find your Adjust presets is correct for your Mac.