Topaz Adjust adding noise

Recently I have been shooting night time images, after the past few outings, I have been processing the photos as I have in the past. Now it seems Topaz Adjust has what appears, to be adding noise not removing it, while the image looks fine within Adjust, when I click OK I have more noise in my photo than I did to start with.

First image within Adjust, second photo, source image, third after using Adjust


Very nice image you captured here. Well done.

Thanks, any idea where the additional noise is coming from?

Make sure Detail in Adjust is turned off- can cause over sharpening on some images.

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In that first and third image you have lot’s of glow on the horizon and over the top of the trees . That from over processing the highlights I believe .I’ve taken thousands of images of night time and what causes the noise can be several issues . If the camera is on a tripod turn off Image stabilization . Also in the camera settings do you have the noise reduction turned on or off . If it’s on turn it off and try some images , if it’s off turn it on and see if it makes a difference . What camera and lens are you using and what f/stop do you have it set at ? If you want a lighter night time image use a lens with aperture set at f/1.4-2.8 . Also there is a math scale which I don’t have for shooting horizons with stars to keep trailing to a minimum but I don’t have that at the moment but you can probably google it . Usually stacking several images will reduce noise better in night images but when stacking you have to choose one best image for being your top image to hide trailing .

@ronlhodges - thanks for the info – I’m sure that many folk will benefit from just those few sound tips