Topaz Adjust 5 Crashing when mouse hovered over custom presets

I’m using Topaz Adjust 5 v5.1.0 plugin for Photoshop CC. I had an issue where I ended up with two presets being labled the same and one would cause the plugin to crash.

I tried removing the individual preset from within the folder where the preets were stored but this didn’t fix the issue. I then proceded to delete the whole folder i’d created to see if that works but still no luck. It still shows all my presets within the plugin and now all presets cause the plugin to crash as soon at the mouse is hovered over it.

Can someone please tel me how I can correct this? Cheers.

Can you provide information please… of great importance is the OS and the location (folder) of the files you deleted.

Hi Don,

I’m using Windows 10 v22H2 on an i7 with 64gb ram.

Folder location removed was Boot Drive / Program Files (x64) / Topaz Labs / Topaz Labs 5 / Presets.

Currently inside that folder is all the Topaz presets, Classic, HDR, Film Etc. There is also an additional folder I’ve made called Maneyacts. It has two presets inside it however in the plugin accessed from within Photoshop, the same folder shows the original 29 presets I’d created (but then deleted).

I’ve just deleted that folder again, it’s removed it from the plugin list and I created a new name for my personal presets. This seems to have fixed up the problem so it looks like it’s buffered somewhere the list if I create the same folder name.

Hope that all makes sense!

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Remember that you need to exit and delete the present and then restart.