Topaz 2 - Dual Tone Mask not working

I’m relatively new to Topaz and still learning to use and am experimenting with the various filters, etc. In this case, I’ve attempted to use the Masking in the Dual Tone Filter in Topaz 2, but nothing happens.

In this case I am attempting to use the mask to darken a section of the image. I have the brush selected, transparency set to “0”, radius “50”, softness “20”, edge aware “off”. I have painted the section I would like to darken, it turns pink, as it should, but then the section I painted doesn’t change.

What may I be doing wrong?


This is the same as you are trying to do? Because all that does is adjust the application of the filter.

The general rule is White Reveals and Black Conceals, if you are trying to darken a part of the image you should be using the Basic Adjustment with a little extra exposure and then invert the mask and use a mask with a transparency of greater then 0 … personally I would use a Transparency of 100 and then adjust the strength using Opacity of the filter.

Thank you for your reply.

I finally had time to play with this more. I tried your suggestion, but, at least for me, it didn’t work.

What I finally did was: Basic Adj. > Mask > Multiply > Brush > Darken the area I wanted > Invert. In this way, using multiply, I was technically working in the reverse, with a darker image, but when I inverted, I went back to my original with the areas darkened as I wanted. I don’t know whether this is correct or not, but it seems to work.