Topax Adjust AI no longer works - no support?

I have watched in anger and disbelief as so many of the Topaz filters stopped working with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop with progressive updates of the Adobe software as well as “upgrades” (little worth having) of MacOS. The coup-de-grace was changing to an Apple Silicon based machine!

My recent image processing has been surviving on Denoise AI (great software) and AI Sharpen (which is useful of you tone it back heavily), but very much on Adjust AI for the Clarity sliders in particular. Now Adjust AI fails to run under Lightroom Classic and Photoshop 2022.

Topaz is pushing users to these automatic (“AI”) applications, but if AI Photo is the replacement for Adjust and Clarity filters then they have gone too far. I want more control and I am not a SmartPhone photographer which appears to be their target audience.

What is poignant for me was that was about to run a demonstration of my favourite Topaz filters at my Camera club, but can no longer do so unless I buy an old Apple Mac, install several generations-old versions of MacOS and Adobe LR/PS and hope I can get the filters running again!

Looks like I will be exploring LUMINAR apps instead…@#&$!!!

Try loading Rosetta 2 to run Intel code based apps, they should then run.

Photo AI is not a replacement for anything but a new application that encompasses the functions of Noise Reduction, Sharpening, Enhancement and up sizing.

I agree that Adjust-AI is a great tool. It remains a mystery why it languishes without any development attention or updates.

Having said that, Adjust-AI continues to do yeoman’s work for me partnered with Affinity Photo (for pixel editing).

Rosetta 2 won’t be around for too long, just like Apple’s transition to Intel didn’t have Rosetta either. It is only a temporary solution while the developers prepare the native version. Or if not, then the program will go into oblivion because there will be nothing left to run.

I followed up on the suggestion about “Rosetta 2”. I know I have the original Rosetta operational, but found a considerable degree of confusion around various forums about whether Rosetta2 was present or not on an M1 Apple Mac. It seems you just have to presume, because you are running OS 13.0.1 that Rosetta2 has somehow replaced the original Rosetta as part of upgrading to this latest MacOS…

I tried some (what I believe are) X86 apps which ran okay. But the Topaz filters such as Topaz Lens Effects_x64 would just throw up a window with a crash report. On the other hand, AdjustAI would mount in the bin at the bottom of the screen and attempt to open, then simply stop. Nada.

I have to try NIK Collection in order to try out SILVEREFEX (because Topaz B&W Effects was the first filter to comprehensively fail) so will see if Clarity and other Adjust effects are available therein.