TOPAV Video 4.03 and Best Hardware CPU / GPU hardware

I’m currently using the trial version of TOPAZ VIDEO 4.0.4 and I’m curious about the hardware upgrades, specifically CPU or GPU, that would yield the most effective and efficient results for video upscaling/encoding. After some research using the search options, it appears that users with the latest and most powerful hardware, such as the NVIDIA RTX 4090 GPU, may not see significant benefits from the software. This seems to be because TOPAZ Video AI (TVAI) doesn’t fully leverage or maximize the potential of high-end GPUs. Upgrading to the latest hardware may not deliver optimal results unless the software undergoes changes to effectively utilize the additional GPU processing power.

Hence, my questions to the community are:

  1. What GPU, CPU, and RAM specifications do you recommend for achieving the best performance with TVAI?
  2. Are there any other AI programs that can fully harness the capabilities of current hardware, providing faster and superior upscaling?


  1. That’s an easy one to answer, if cost play no role the fastest will be:
    Intel i9 13900 with RTX 4090 and enough GPU RAM (24GB?).

But also very expensive and power hungry. So an i7 13700 and RTX 4070 might also be sufficient - look at the benchmark section.


For question number 2: I don’t explore much of what other AI upscalers can do. I have seen other people on there forums report that TVAI is the best they have seen. Last report like that was a few months ago. It might change when big companies start offering AI upscalers.

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CPU : 14900k/13900k
GPU: RTX 4090
RAM: DDR5 (as high as it support)
Cooling is important as well, you may want 360 AIO for CPU cooler.

Not that I am aware of. :thinking:

There are other AI programs for Video enhance but last time I tried they were not as good as TVAI, but that was long time ago, you may try it yourself to see which one you prefer.

Can i get a link to the benchmark section pls?

  1. the best cpu / nvidia gpu combo you can afford.

mine is pretty sweet.

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Depends a bit on the processing options. Upscaling a video to full HD right now is only moderate power hungry (RTX4090). The CPU (13900K) eats 125 W in the long run when set up according to Intels specifications.

For GPU any advantage of getting a 16gb over 8gb?

For TVAI? No.