Topase collection does not install correctly PS CC 2018

I am on Photoshop CC 2018 ver 19.1.1 The Topaz option on the Filter dropdown is greyed out.

I have reinstalled the filers twice. I have manually moved them to the PS plugins folder and to the PS common files plugins folder. I have tried the batch file provided but that seems to thing this Photsohop uses \plugins\cc which it doesn’t.

You are not wrong in your observations
The filters are available from Lightroom which means that those links were not broken by the latest updates …
It’s not just the Topaz filters/plugins which have become “disconnected” in PS ---- my ON1 and NIK have also become disconnected and Portrait Pro has … disappeared

If I find a fix I’ll post it — there are some cleverer guys/gals who post here and once the East Coast of the US wakes up we might get an suggestion

Update - looks like 19.1.1 has caused a problem - have spoken to Adobe “not their problem” – up to Topaz to fix

If your Topaz plug-ins are grayed out in your Filter menu and you can not access them this is caused by one of three things:

  • You do not have an image open. Please open an image and then you will be able to select the plug-in
  • The image must be in a supported color mode, i.e. 8-bit RGB or 16-bit RGB. It won’t work with, for example, grayscale or 32-bit images. So open up an RGB image and it’ll activate in the menu (along with most of the other filters).
  • Please make sure that you do not have an adjustment layer selected.

thanks - found some images do and some don’t — and it’s the layer/adjusted/“messed about with” images which have the problems

My plug-ins are all OK - visible and working in PS. They work with all the images that I open whether they are the Raw file, a layered file, Jpeg or Tiff. If you are using Windows 10 I would have some suspicions in that area as it has caused one or two software programs to play up for me. There is a list of known problems on the latest update to the Adobe software. There may be something there which will give you a clue.

How true those words during the past few days

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