Toggle rendering preview off or on during processing

It would be great to have the option to toggle the rendering preview window pane off or on during processing. I would expect a performance boost from turning it off.

I don’t think that this will speed up the processing. Maybe back in the 1980’s and 1990’s when ATARI and AMIGA were the computers of our choice it worked that way but not nowadays anymore!

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I agree with Imo :slight_smile:
Or we can put it the other way around:

IF Displaying the preview slows down the process - its a bug :slight_smile:

It takes video resources to draw and refresh the preview, so you’re both wrong.

While processing it would be an excellent way of saving resources!

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of course it takes ressources :slight_smile: The question is: how many / much … Displaying whats already inside the GPU takes so little ressources nowadays, that its probably not even measurable.

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one very important thing here is to differentiate:

while AT THE MOMENT in some situations VEAI seems to speed up when the display is not the front window - the conclusion of this is NOT that “displaying kills too many ressources in generall” but “somethings wrong in VEAI at the moment, this shouldn´t make any difference”…

If we keep on repeating the wrong conclusion we make it harder to solve the actual problem.