Titled: "Relationships"

Titled: “Relationships”

Come in all forms.

I was walking through Elliott bay marinas parking lot a nice spring afternoon.
I headed down to my slip noticing a cool little 1963 cream colored VW Bug, complete with one of those square, black, removable sunroofs, top pulled all the way back, but there!
There was, a wooden head sticking up and out stiffly looking all around like it had lost something.
The wood head looked hard right and ,whippppp!
The little bug made a quick sharp turn right into a handicapped parking space.

I walked over and stood behind the bug, arms crossed!, noticing it did! have handicap plates on it, arms uncrossed,
I stood and watched as tree opened the door climbed out,of the sunroof ,???
Tree took out from somewhere, a wood cane that kind of resembled a branch, leaned on it and proceeded limbping over to a hole that happened to be right in front of its Bug.

Tossing the cane aside, tree hopped into the hole, feet,ahhh NO! ,I think, roots! first, I didnt get a clear look.

Tree started shaking violently, needles flinging everywhere then suddenly stopped.

I do believe, it had just rooted its self, settling for the evening.
I have to admit, I was a bit envious, as tree started “Blowin in the wind” for which I love the sound of.

*Ref. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3l4nVByCL44.

I stood in absolute amazement,
Because after all that! noise and commotion with the melody of needles flying everywhere,
This little birdie, just calmly flew over to the trees left ear, landed on it and started eating all the bugs from trees branches.
Almost as he had done a million times before.

These amazing,


I want to be on whatever you are on … amazing …

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That makes two of us. And, just wait until @el48tel sees the tree. I think he will be smitten. :wink:

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This one gets a like not only for the image but the story telling. That tree trunk does look like something alive…something from one of my nightmares. :slight_smile:

No thanks on “whatever you are on” but I will say - Great Imagination!. Good eye on this. Whimsical and funny! The little bird made the shot.

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I agree, that is an amazing combination of story and photo!

I didn’t realize that ents knew how to drive… :wink:

I didnt know,Ents
this explains much about tree I didnt get, as I didnt think plain trees could drive the most I thought they could do is “leaf the Area”, thank you,back to the living sane, for a minute, After watching the first movie,BTW that was a long long looooog time ago, I could not take the story lines and acting, AM I missing something? , so I dont have a Clue oN THE WHO IS WHAT WITHin THE MOVIE.


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STORY!??? are you perhaps suggesting this was jut a made up "STROY? I do want ot thank you for the words of support for the image.

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You may have to read the books - even then I cant promise it will be totally clear :smile:

Great vision, Tom to turn the tree into what you have. The bird being there has made it very cute. I like it.

I was into your story before I even looked at the image. As always with you, there is interpretation going on during the telling.

Great story (I believe you) and great image, Tom.