Titled: "Lost and Found" "Big Island, Jungle at 4000 feet"


Very nice.

Looks like Mother Nature is winning. :wink:

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Looks oriental? Great treatment!

It looks tropical. The Louisiana bayou after a hurricane. Whatever it is, I love the technique and the overall feel of the image.Of course, if I had read the the title I would have known exactly where it was. Duh. Sometimes my typing gets ahead of my brain.

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My thoughts also, except my concerns are directed at the folks on the Texas coast. Hurricane Harvey expected to hit as a possible Cat. 3 hurricane.

Very cool, abandoned building on Hawaii due to volcano reclaimed by nature?

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Very nice treatments and wonderful colors.

I always wonder what the story is behind places like this. On the island I grew up on I would come across abandoned homes in the middle of the woods with no roads leading to them that I could see. Makes you wonder about who lived there.

You know what, Tom? Sometimes you go through heaps of works because you haven’t been on looking, and one catches your eye above all others. It just makes you go - “Yes, I have to look at this further!”

This is one. Tom. I didn’t pick it as one of yours. I love how you have painted out some and highlighted other areas. And very finely done. And I mean fine as in minutely done.

It is a truly stunning piece of art, Tom.

The colors are amazing as well with your processing. The lighting is fabulous and I just love this!

I want it on my wall. I just want to reiterate to you, that the colour treatment is wonderful. I cannot stop looking at this, Tom. You continue to amaze me.

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