Time to find another software!

I have noticed that the file conversion process is significantly slow I have observed that the conversion duration is considerably lengthy which represents a prolonged and inefficient wait, As a user, I would expect the file conversion software to be more agile and efficient, especially when working on projects that require swift processing of multimedia files. The file conversion delay is directly affecting my delivery timelines and overall work productivity.

Have you any point? Any examples? Benchmarked your hardware? What PC specs etc., etc.


Benchmark your hardware and post the results, then we can tell you if there’s anything abnormal about your speed.

In Video AI, go to Process → Benchmark. Wait for it to finish, then copy the results and paste them here.


What does that mean ?
Your statement implies you are a pro editor who’s paid for work.
If you really are then you would know a 4 node colour correct, noise reduction, colour adjust and sharpen on a 1080 30fps clip consumes a lot of gpu/cpu power.

What kind of FPS are you expecting ?

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