There must be some way out of here

Capture One Pro, TS1 B&W, Radiance


Very, very nice.

Nice perspective and capture …

Nice …

I like the tonal quality of this image, very effective.

Thank you! @CabanaBoy Doug @BobKramer Bob, @AiDon Don and @Roger250 Roger
This is the unedited RAW file as it came out of camera


Appreciate your final image even more now that I can see how you’ve improved on the original!

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Usually I’m not a fan of centering. Unless it makes sense to do so.

Have you tried it on this image? I think it would work. It’s a really nice shot with great detail and a strong leading line (aka, 1 pt perspective).


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Thanks Fotomaker! Like you I am not a fan of centering unless I shoot architecture or similar. Your version looks good, too but I like the little ‘off perspective’ better.
Cheers Peter