The Smokey Rocky Mountains

Hello Everyone,

I’m vacation in Colorado staying in an AirBnb cottage just north of Salida, CO. It’s been pretty smokey and hazy here. This photo is from Tuesday morning, looking east on my way to the trail head. I’ve been here since Saturday and it’s been like this a lot of the time, though it does clear up a little sometimes so the Rockies are still pretty even when they’re Smokey Mountains.

My old laptop is running XP, so not only am I unable to get RAW files off my camera, so this is a JPEG original, I also don’t have much software. IfranView was used to tweak this one a little and that’s it. LR and Topaz will have to wait until I get home.

Best regards


I might have to tear up my return ticket, very nice!

Thanks. I’ll be thinking about my next trip west on the long drive home on Sunday.

Very nice photo and interesting results from the wildfires out west.

I like how you have combined the two parks - the Great Smoky Rocky Mountain National Park is quite a long name, though :wink: