The Secret of Mask AI

Just attended the Mask AI Webinar. So it would appear that the correct way to produce masks is to Trimap initially using AI mode then clean up using Contrast Mode. The Contrast mode is in my mind replacing the Refinement tools we had in Remask.

In contrast painting over in Blue (Compute) can do wonders also.

Starting to have some faith restored but why make it so hard to figure out?

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I also attended the Mask AI Webinar.
It’s way more powerful then people initially think and it does a way better job then I saw in some reviews online.
Playing with contrast between subject and background may also help masking the subject.

The new blur tool can also help isolate the subject.

Thanks to Topaz Labs and Joel Wolfson for making this webinar possible.

Does anyone have a link to the webinar?

Hi Mike

I think its coming in the next few days I would email support.



Based on your comments I am anxious to see it. My initial experience with Mask AI was not very positive and I decided to skip it, but after reading your comments and some other posts I went back and tried it again using information in the posts and had a much better experience.

I checked for the webinar link this evening expecting Topaz to have put it up, but perhaps it is too soon.

Yes I was totally against it too initially but just that simple using Contrast Mode to refine seems to be the key, so much I have now upgraded after being able to pretty much recreate results I got with Remask on a tricky Tree image.

Also version 1.02 which is now available killed a few bugs. The webinar, when you get to see it, shows a totally different experience from what I was seeing using the first 2 versions.

I think the webinar will also likely appear here (the guy that took the webinar’s site)

Good luck! (I got so motivated I also purchased AI Denoise after reading some reviews online after this webinar)



I missed webinar, but decided to purchase Mask AI as PS Plugin. However, the mask output when I select apply is only a selection, there is no ability to create a black or white mask, like there is in the standalone .

Am I missing something ?


It usually takes them a couple of days - but it can take longer.

Welcome to the community!

Here is what I do in PS to create a black & white mask with Mask AI:

  1. Load an image into PS,
  2. Unlock the layer,
  3. Duplicate the layer,
  4. Make sure the top layer is selected and then press the Mask icon at the bottom of the layers panel. That places a blank mask on the selected layer,
  5. Make sure the image icon of the top layer is selected,
  6. Call Mask AI from the Filters menu.

When I am done that returns the masked item as a b&w mask rather than as an actual image.

Hope this helps.

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I already have several of the AI plugins but find I don’t really use them much. My basic tool is Dxo’s PhotoLab and much of the Topaz functionality is duplicated in the PL UI and the Nik stuff that is integrated with the PL UI. I tried Mask AI out of curiosity as I don’t normally use ReMask at all, not having any need to replace skies (which is what I thought it was for).

However once I discovered that I could create a b&w mask in PS with Mask AI everything changed. I spent a couple of minutes working with some photos masking different parts of the image and adjusting them in PS that it completely changed my mind about Mask AI and now I find myself anxious to see the webinar. I suspect it may become the most heavily used Topaz plugin that I have.

Funny how learning how to properly use something can change your opinion about it … :laughing:

I also attended the event. Joel always does a really in dept training of the Topaz product and giving real life examples to work with. The one thing I noticed is the Auto function not being shown, this function can and will save a lot of time on simple mask jobs, I was really surprised it wasn’t shown, was there a reason. I realize it’s not for everyone or every image but it’s not a bad place to start.

Can send it to you via wetransfer but need an E-mailaddress.

This is also shown in the webinar.

Can send it to you via wetransfer, but need an Emailaddress. It’s 150 megs or so.

That helps quite a lot. Thanks for your time to write out the workflow…!

thanks for the reply. I understand that Topaz will be posting webinar this afternoon…if they do not, then I’ll take yu up on your offer. thanks again for your response

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I, too, really enjoyed Joel’s presentation…he always does a great job! The tip to use contrast mode for mask refinement is gold, IMO. So far, I’m finding Mask Ai to be a very worthwhile upgrade to Remask 5. I tossed some pretty tricky masking jobs at Mask Ai and it has handled each with aplomb. The latest v1.0.2 upgrade is very much appreciated.

This is so true! :smile:

The funny thing is that a lot of youtube movies wich show mask AI for the first time are doing it wrong. They use the AI button for refinement yet you have to use the contrast button for refinement instead.:grin:

Yeah that button should be renamed refinement…