The River of Kings in Ang Thong province

At this time of year near the end of the wet season in Thailand the flooding begins, especially in the central plains areas. This image was shot from the main bridge in the city of Ang Thong in Ang Thong province showing that if it wasn’t for the built up barriers on the edge of the Chap Phraya river the whole city would be flooded. (Best viewed full size)


Wow! That is a flood, Don. And pretty extensive looking

Does the water stay contained in the river or does it become an issue of overflowing into residential or commercial areas?

That would be a great sky to use in other images too! Ps Sky Replacement users would salivate to get that to use in their own shots, I bet.

I just came back to the property today and the river has broken it’s bank near the center of Ang Thong. It doesn’t affect our property because we are a long way away but it is overflowing into both residential and commercial properties along the riverbank.

Just as an aside, if you want the sky I will give you the RAW and you can manage it from there :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s good it doesn’t affect where your property is! We’ve had so many flash floods and flooding issues from hurricanes in the Southeast U.S. (I’m in CA so not anywhere near it but I see it on the news). I feel so bad for the people whose homes and belongings get ruined by that happening. So I have long distance sympathy/empathy for those affected by any flooding…

Ooooh! I’m not a ‘purist’. I use different skies than I saw when I think it would salvage a picture or give it more finesse or mood. Sure, I’d love that image to create a usable sky replacement jpg. Thx! How do I get a raw? I imagine it’s pretty big. Can you do a Dropbox link with it?

Shall do when I get back to Bangkok on Sunday…

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Stay safe.