The right filters to enhance

Hi, dont know if i can post here but since here is full of video experts, anyone think what kind of filter need to use for clean, enhance, sharpen and upscale in 1080p that short clip (from dvd 720x480i bff)?
I use hybrid with deinterlace, sometime removedirtmc but make blurry, try some dehalo (there are a lot of filters and dont know what use) and after pass to topaz, protheus, upscale but the final result dont like me very much and dont know where i mistake :expressionless:
Im not a pro, wanna learn something but dont know where put the hands… :sweat: (5.4 MB)


I tried a few things, but my computer is doing another movie right now, so it was too slow to keep testing options.
I got somewhat acceptable results with these:

The faces did look a little warped. Maybe a second enhancement with the Iris model would fix that. I’m am reluctant to recommend the Iris model because it can mess up faces in unnatural ways.

Thanks for your reply and time to make a test :smiling_face:
Never thinking about that setting…try a look

Face or people away 3m/10ft from the camera or more are a problem to recovery…look blurry/warped :face_exhaling:

for this kind of footage, i like doing a foreground version with iris low, and (at least) 1 background version with artemis low/medium(±halo) or nxy(±fast) and then use transparency masks (followed by mask tracking + scene detection) in my video editor, so the front faces are looking proper and the background doesn’t get warped or is filled with monster faces.

the more work you are willing to put into it, the more video layers you will use to get the best parts for every scene mixed together in a final result.

OK I try some preset and I understand that the better result with upscale in 4x (2880x1920) but there are some little problems…hands look unnatural, skin look bit painted and warped with clothes…enhance with protheus, iris, maybe iris medium relative to auto give better result…also interlaced with hybrid and a bit of finedehalo…
Maybe need to wait future preset updates…or try more… :face_exhaling: