The Redcoats Are Coming, The Redcoats Are Coming

Today in Huntington Beach, California the Huntington Beach Historical Society does a Revolutionary War reenactment on this day each year. Costuming, equipment and accessories were spot on. Continues tomorrow 2/11.

Shot on Nikon D810 with Tamron 70-200 G2 lens. Exposure adjusted in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, finished in Photoshop CC with Topaz Adjust and Impression.


Worry not - there is “special friendship” or so the “man” says

Took them long enough to get there!

Great image.

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Very nice work on this one. For some reason when I look at the capture with all of them having one leg raised, I am taken back to a Monty Python skit. And somewhere in my American History I never learned about the great California Revolutionary War battles.

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Nice painterly effect …