The Pro's and Issues of Dione Tv when de-interlacing old anime/cartoons

Lets start with the Pros: Flickering/vibrating completely gone, very little to none rainbow artifacts, superior details(even though the finished video becomes soft), no micro lines left and fluid movement when scrolling.

And now lets do the Issues: The worst offender, it leaves de-interlacing artifacts aka jagged lines everywhere especially on slow moving or stationary parts, text is not sharp enough and when text is on screen, the scene behind it becomes blurry(more) and unfocused(happens more if its white on white)

Some examples:the left one was done in HandBrake with bwdif(ignore the green tint on dione, my laptop doesn’t like to display 10 bit content)
The jagged edges(This the better version, there are ones where its super jagged-y)

Image becomes blurry under text

The next frame when the text disappears

Jagged lines in a slow scrolling scene.

(Since this anime was hand drawn it gives a better impression in some scenes but very distracting most of the time)
Tried Dione Tv Dehalo and the results were the same, Dione Dv is way too oversharpened and scrolling scenes lag and stutter very heavily.
Dione Tv gives the best results in details and quality but the de-interlacing artifacts shouldn’t be there.


So as it turns out Iris is the way superior choice to Dione when you wanna deinterlace. It gives way better results. No jagged edges or unfocused scene under text.

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