The processing time on Topaz Video Ai is very slow, Is there a workaround?

Whenever I upscale any low quality video to 4k 60fps, I only get about 6-7fps on average.

My current settings in the video AI is progressive iris and proteus (automatically estimated), with Chronos fast for frame interpolation. Additionally, I have the encoder set to H264 High, with the bitrate set to auto.

Moving on, here are my specs:

CPU: Intel Core i7-9700KF CPU @ 5.00HZ (Overclocked)
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070Ti
RAM: 32GB.

Does anyone have any tips and tricks to increase the performance of Topaz Video Ai, or is it usually this resource intensive?

Based on what your source is, and they amount of work to upscale to 4K 60fps, I6-7 fps sounds right. You either need a 40 series card, or i9, or both, to get better speed.

Not really… i want to upscale 1080p 30fps video to 4k 30fps, using my RTX 4090… i get about 1.2 FPS

That definitely seems too slow. Which CPU do you have?

Would you mind post your benchmark here.

You can run benchmark by clicking Process → Benchmark or “Ctrl + B”

From what I can see the app doesn’t use available resources fully. My CPU is 70 % idle and the GPU has a lot more to offer.

Unfortunately this app is only good for very short clips. That’s a pity since the result after enhancement is absolutly useable.

With other video apps the performance on my new powerful Mac is very good. I wish Topaz Labs can find a solution and make the app usable again.

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I use an M1 Max Macbook and was getting atrocious processing times, but I changed a few settings and went from .3fps to 18fps! I turned off anonymous data collection, changed export quality level from medium to high, and changed export container from mp4 to mov. I suspect there is less processing/compressing being done with these changes. I am starting with a mov file and suspect keeping it as mov cuts off some processing. Not for sure on the reasoning, but it went from stupidly unusable to useful.