The most recent update to Topaz Photo AI is close to useless

Dear Topaz Leadership,

I had purchased Two Topaz products, including Denoise previous to it being available with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. They worked well for me and were working well until this last update. It is more restrictive. It defaults to “Sharpen” which is generally not needed. The “analyzing” process is consistently inaccurate whether I am using it or it is on “autopilot.”

It is an unusable product in its present update. I would like it to function as it was in the previous update. That worked well with how it processed and was effective in what I expected when not using “autopilot.”

I have several shoots to be processing and was looking forward to the benefits of Topaz Photo AI but now I will process them without Photo AI until the bugs and issues resolved. It is more like a alpha first version of the product.

Your help will be greatly appreciated,
Rick Chandler


You can adjust your Autopilot suggestions by going to Preferences > Autopilot and setting the default settings to your desired output.

If you would like to revert to any previous Topaz Photo AI version, you can find a list of previous installers at the following link:

Topaz Labs | Community Forums | Topaz Photo AI | Releases

Thank you John!

Thanks, this is helpful. The new version is far too dumbed down to be useful (and it can’t even save back to lightroom as DNG).


I was confused when suddenly the file was coming back as a TIFF. I like the “overwrite or edit a copy” option better.

I agree Charles! I want that option back!!!

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