The Little Old Boat

Will no one guide the little boat? It’s an old boat, showing scars and abuse that came from life. The little boat cannot speak, but if it could, this boat you see my friends, would tell the saga of its life and the many hardships that it has endured. It would tell of all the useful times that were enjoyed through the years. It would tell of times of neglect and abuse. It would tell of the times abandoned, left out in the raw winters cold and ice, all alone and forgotten. Now, as its life span of usefulness slowly draws to an end, the little boat floats in gentle waters that offer shelter from the once relentless storms of the past. This little old boat is just like all of us, lingering onward through life. Enduring each day’s good moments, the battles, the hardships and hopelessness that very few will rarely know.


Very nice work …