The interlaced models/AI didn't work

Hi, I’ve been trying some interlaced videos and it didn’t work, the video still looking interlaced.

Here’s a video with the comparison of the 3 models:

As you can see nothing changed, why?

@Sohzph Good you posted the video…I had this on one video that was interlace. it happened when on that one video I cut 3-4 parts i wanted from the longer video and then I joined those parts i cut out back together again to become one clip.
It doesn’t look like a regular interlace feed / playback, it more like a wobbly video that got all screwed up.

I couldn’t understand why until I saw this in MediaInfo:


In the end I had no choice and de-interlace it using “Hybrid” tool in force / overwrite mode, as Hybrid also detected it as Progressive. Then it worked fine.
after that, I processed the video (after de-interlacing in Hybrid) in TVAI as regular progressive scan video (Proteus)