The G&S festival

been playing with Impression in Studio
I think there’s a problem with “texture” — comments please


There’s something happening in the background like a watermark, if that’s what you mean. Or is intentional?


My thoughts exactly as it was not intentional.
Perhaps @Heath_Robinson might be able to shed some light on this

Nice capture and processing. The other thing that I do not understand is why there is no pointillism effect on the sky? Do you mask that or is it because the sky was white?

Thanks for the comments — as for the bald sky — yes my thoughts precisely — not had time to go back and re-work the image in Studio and won’t have enough time over the next few days if all goes belly-up again — but I have some Detail, Simplify, PS, PSP, etc. versions from the time of taking the image 10 years ago, all having some (not much) sky detail. I was going to re-work the image before posting; it was seeing the “odd” effect in the texture in the sky which made me question what was going on and hoping someone might be able to shed a light on it.
If I do get a little time whilst I’m in between tasks I’ll go back and do another version or two — but the texture is “interesting” (not).

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So I let LR rescue the sky in the original and then applied the preset as before. I did a little masking in PS - but there’s still some artifacts being applied in Studio

@Heath_Robinson or similar ???

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