The Cure - Close To Me (Official Music Video), Full HD (Digitally Remastered and Upscaled)

Here is one of the videos that I have been doing for about a year now, no the YT channel I created for that purpose. Still using Topaz Video Enhance AI 2.6 because new version have been too slow and hard to manipulate, the settings I am using to be precise.
The workflow of getting results like these are simple

  • Rip DVD file/files to low compression or no compression format (like avi) and covert to progressive same time
  • Deblock, Denoise, De-all-you-can before the upscale. VirtualDub with MSU filters is still giving impressive results, much better than other fancy solutions.
  • Upscaling to Full HD with Proteus Fine Tune, tuning on a segment looking average - full height people (not just closeups), with lots of colors and blacks, try same settings on large areas of same/similar color; always using gentle noise and grain. Exporting to ProRes HQ.
  • Final touch of color correction in DaVinci, edge crop, replacing audio or editing it, fading ins and outs; exporting to mp4 for YouTube.
    I hope that you will find the result looking good. Often better than the official remaster version done by Vevo, sadly.

Nice work.

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Just looked at your Cypress Hill Remaster.

Are you ripping the source, from DVD or copying from what you can find on Youtube ?