The Cranes

(knokin) #1

Custom colours, Abstraction, Impression.
The impression was set to more extreme settings- eg large brush on Low, high width & length, some rotation with variation, small colour variation and painting progress back to a less finished setting.
As this loses the image a lot, even with Spill low, I get it back from the image I just used in Impression. Doing it this way establishes a harmonious, more abstract background.
To do this:

  1. I dragged the original over the Impression one as an Image Layer… I often then set this to Luminance but this time I left it Normal. This makes the original disappear so I just see the Impression one.
  2. I created a Layer mask on this Image Layer and inverted it to black; making the brush white so it is painting back the Original in the way I decide.
  3. I then brush back edge detail etc that has been lost but in a selective way that looks more painterly. I tend to vary the opacity in the brush a bit too so it blends better and highlights what I want to highlight.
    This is now a general approach I use a lot so thought I would share it as not everyone is used to working with masks and image layers.
    I then took it into Corel Painter for some Surface Texture.
(Kenneth Kovach) #2

I really like the composition, colors and processing. Thank you very much for the very nice description of your methods.

(Peter) #3

Great capture and wonderful processing with stunning colors

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(Mond) #4

Great job. I like the subject isolation.

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(Jack) #5

Gosh! this is good!

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(Michael_Andre) #6

That is amazing. Do you use a wacom tablet by chance? Would it be possible to see the original so as to more fully appreciate the work you have done?

(John) #7

Really wonderful looking results and colors, thanks for the info.

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(knokin) #8

Thanks for taking time to comment so comprehensively

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(knokin) #9

Not my shot but one of the great Pixabay ones but glad you liked what I did with it.

(knokin) #10

Thanks. Always good to get some focus onn what you think is the major area of interest

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(knokin) #11

Am pleased you liked it Jack. Your enthusiasm always means something

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(knokin) #12

Yes, I am a Wacom user. Have been into Corel Painter for some years and cant really finction without one now! The original is from Pixabays generous photographers.

(knokin) #13

Thanks John. Glad you enjoyed it. Am a bit of a colour junkie!

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(Michael_Andre) #14

Thanks mate, after seeing the original I can really appreciate the work you put into this to make it as stunning as it is. Thanks too for providing your workflow - i am going to try it and see what I can do with one of my images. If it comes out looking half as good as yours I will post it on the forum.

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(Xiao Lin) #15

Excellent capture, and though I love the processing, I really like the detail of your original shot!

(knokin) #16

Cant take any credit for the original as it was from Pixabay. I have retired my DSLR now and concentrate on the painting side

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