The Best way to upscale a 1080p to 4K (1:1)

Hi, I have a 1920x1080 video and I only need to upscale this video 1:1 to 4K. What is the best way for this?? I hope you can help me??

Extract all frames of the video and save them to images. Via Photoshop you can double the width and height of each frame via pixel doubling. This will avoid any interpolation or artificial added changes made by a. i. When all images are saved to the new size transform them to a video file again and add the old sound layer.

Hi thanks for the info, but I would like to do this with this tool “Topaz Video AI”. I bought it especially for this purpose… are you familiar with this tool?

Ah, okay! I was a bit confused because you said you want an upscale 1:1 so I thought without any changes made to the material except the upscale. Topaz Video AI is a great tool for upscaling but it is always very creative modifiying the material to archieve great results.

hiImo, yes, the tool has many options… do you know a setting that gives the best results when scaling?

I personally would try Iris MQ relative to auto fist with the settings shown below, but it is always a matter of your personal taste and video files often need individual adjustments to get the best result …

thank you, I will try it…

Wouldn’t it be the same as upscaling it in Hybrid, etc. using Laczos ?

Not if you size up via pixel doubling. Most other methods try to smooth the result via interpolating pixels making it a bit blurry.

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Just so you know, the Iris models change the picture the most. Gaia changes it the least.

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Pixel Doubling, is what appears in PS as “Enhance → Super Resolution”?

I dunno how it is named in english. I don’t think it is the superresolution. In the german version of Photoshop it is named “Pixelwiederholung” which could be translated to “repeated pixels”. That is without any interpolation:

So you play around with the PPI for doubling?

Or only with the resampling and resolution?

The width and height in pixels are the only reliable numbers so I either resize my photo by a certain percentage or to a specific width and height in pixels.

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