The Addictive AshTray

Topaz Adjust, Glow (Studio), Impressions (Studio), ReMask, and Ai ReMix (Studio). Corel Draw, PhotoPaint and PhotoMirage. Jixipix Moku Hanga. Chasys Draw IES. Affinty Photo. Some details provided.


Very cool final work! As always, the steps showing your work are very interesting.

I also really like the animation, it adds a hypnotic quality.

Best ashtray i’ve ever scene.

Interesting work.The animation adds another dimension and opens up endless possibilities. Its got me thinking.

Thanks Kenneth. I always like seeing how things are done, so I show how I did things. I was concerned that the number of steps I posted this time might be too much bandwidth, for a single post, but nobody complained, so I’m guess it’s alright.

As for PhotoMirage my chief concern is still getting the file size of the Gif or MP4 small enough to be a practical, moving, photograph. After all, pixel stretching isn’t the kind of 2D or 3D animation you’d produce from Reallusion’s products, which you’d expect to be delivered as a video.

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Thanks Jeanie. Corel PhotoMirage’s pixel stretching does have an interesting look, it’s easy to use, and it’s affordable. However, as I mentioned in my response to Kenneth, I think there are issues around delivery methods. If you save as an MP4, and have your own website, you can run it as a HTML5 Video. I’m testing some of these on my website, but in my case, I found it was best not to auto play them, because it produced a delay before the image would show up. So, I let the viewer click on a play button. If you don’t have your own website you can use Youtube or Vimeo players, but then there’re cosmetic issues resulting from the standard video formats. My forum postings use animated GIFs which work anywhere and give the interesting living photograph effect. However, I think, file size is the issue. I’ve been using a freeware program Chasys Draw IES which is helpful in reducing the animated Gif’s file size. If you’re interested in this kind of animation you might want to look at some of the pictures on, a subscription service where they use pixel stretching with video overlays. Seeing this site was an inducement for me to purchase PhotoMirage.