Texture Effects 2

I normally use Topaz Studio and the Texture Adjustment when I want to add some texture to an image. Today for something different I used Texture Effects 2. I noticed that the Meredith Textures and the Two Lil Owl textures where very low Rez images and unusable. I decided to re-download Texture Effects 2 but still had the same issue with the low Rez unusable textures. All of the other textures were fine. Has anyone else had this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I still enjoy using Texture Effects 2.

I haven’t noticed that myself but as a Texture Effects owner you are also entitled to an upgrade to Texture Effects in Topaz Studio as the Texture Effects 2 standalone is now an unsupported product.

Download Topaz Studio and synch your adjustments and it should show up with your Effects ported over.

I have it in studio but sometimes I like to use Texture Effects 2 for its features.

Which feature is missing from the Texture Effects in Studio version, that you can access in Texture Effects 2?

None really. I am sure every adjustment can be pulled up in Topaz Studio.I just like the way the Texture Effects 2 plugin is set up…

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Hi, I’m new here. I bought texture effects and see it in Studio but I’m trying to access it from lightroom. I can’t seem to find the exe file to link it to lightroom and can’t quite figure out how to download it. Any suggestions?

In Lightroom, right-click on the image and select Edit in and then Topaz Studio from the drop down list. Remember you must first run Studio as a standalone to install in LR, PS etc.

Ah, yes, that’s the answer. Now, when I’m done editing in Topaz Studio, what do I do to get it to save back into LR?

Press either OK or Save after you have finished and the result will be saved in Lightroom.

Well, that was just too easy! Thank you.

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