"Text & Shapes" model from Gigapixel for "Preserve Text" in Photo AI

The text & shapes model added to Gigapixel AI is extremely good.

Would it be possible to use it for when we mask a zone with text in Photo AI?

Or simple shapes.

It could work as it does now, with just a checkbox or setting to activate, and the text & shapes model would be used just for the selected part of the image.

Photo AI - Preserve Text

Gigapixel - Text & Shapes

The second one is more pleasing. My original image is a pretty extreme example, but I really think this combo could give less alien results for small text.

Here’s the original tiny image. That’s an extreme example, but it shows how it would be even better with slightly larger base images

Just some other examples :
With Preserve text

Text and shapes model


Preserve text

Text and shapes model

I really think having a specialized model just for certain parts of the images, like texts and shapes, woulb the way to go. Preserve text could have this option.

No one model can be good at everything. And no model has to be perfect. I personally never used the model Graphics.

A new model brush could be a good idea too, maybe.

So we could have specialized models for various generic elements and paint certain objects that

Realistically, we can’t have a model for every single object or concept, but text, signs, clothes, nature, cities, and roads, for example, cover a large percentage of what’s in pictures in general.

  1. Very good generalist models like those we have today. The high fidelity, the low resolution, etc.
  2. Very good specialized models trained and more specific concepts that can be used just for some parts of the images. And could be used alone too if we have the object or concept alone in an image.
  3. These could be used on the upscale image too. A sign or text or whatever is good but not great after the first pass, just brush over it, select the model related to what you want to enhance further, and voilà. Less need to do more compositing in other softwares