Text AI

I would love a text enhancement. The Graphics category (or any other setting) doesn’t do a great job at all. Thanks.

Topaz is working on it, but it is still in an early state and will take some time until arrival. :slight_smile:


There will be a Text recovery model coming soon. :grinning:

I would love to see this too but maybe not in the enhance section as I don’t seem to use that part as much as the noise reduction and sharpening. What might work best as a suggestion is to allow for a separate selection(s) where you can choose which text you care about possibly with some font or other suggestions even and work closer to the face recovery. Maybe 2 or more models might be good too with one for lens blur and the other for motion blur with maybe a 3rd for upscaling.

I am not sure if it is possible but maybe it could also talk to an LLM to maybe guess what the text should be.