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Basic Glow > Impression - 3 truck merge - favourite texture impression > basic impression
All at reduced opacity plus some brightness adjustments.


Great job! Love the treatment!

I really like the results and style you get with your processing treatments.
Is this done with the adjustments in Studio or with the individual plugins?

What is Impression- 3 truck merge… a preset of yours?
Would love to hear more details of your PP technique you describe above.
This look has awesome results.

Nice capture, nice style …

Thanks for your interest with this effect.
It involves several layers in Photoshop. I apply each effect to a background copy, apply the effect in Topaz Studio and then change the opacity to suit and OK it and go back to photoshop and adjust the layer opacity if need be. I then flatten the image (to keep file sizes down) and start on the next effect - make a background copy, go back to TS, choose the next preset and adjust opacity, brightness etc and so on and then press OK, flatten the image again when happy with that step.
‘3 truck merge’ is a preset from the impression menu with an effect opacity of 0.59 on this occasion. The preset is in the public domain.
Hope that makes sense.

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Thanks @JeanieW for the explanation… it does make sense to me.
Why do you flatten each background copy when you apply a new effect instead of making a Stamp layer with the new effect so you can go back to the previous background layer if you decided to add any other PS adjustments or changes?

Thanks for the preset info and sharing it… I will look it up for sure.

I guess I do it that way as I haven’t really looked into stamp layers. As I said, its a habit I got into to keep file sizes down. I will put stamp layers on my ever growing list of things to do.

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Understand your reason, thanks.