Take Your Pick

Pull in and fill er up. Regular in the short pump and Ethel in the tall pump.


Nice image and the pp works well. I might have tried to remove that long wooden post on the left side, too distracting.


Love those old gas stations …super job on this.

great image but your “post removal” has dis-aligned the window frame slightly

Love the image. It gives me a bittersweet feeling of the passing of an era.

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Great shot and processing of a very scenic location.

What’s the price ??? nice find.

Great image and processing.

Here is the original Bob. You are welcome to download it to do your magic, if you choose.

As I was the one who brought up the pole issue, I thought I’d better give it a go …

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nice edit

Excellent. My old hands are not as dexterous as they once were :slight_smile:.

Very cool, thank you …I may indeed use it in the future.

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I put a little arthritis cream on my thumb that was locking up and give it another try :slight_smile:.

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a lot, and blurred the top frame,
there are much better ways then clone
and if it is close used there is a technique when using clone that helps the edge blur,
I know you didnt use clone, :slight_smile:

myself I like the pole in it is part of the natural history of the scene, is this not what the image is about too or is it to be a pretty pix ,it can be both, move the pole,
just a MHO only

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@Michigander I see @ninelivezzz has a point - it may be “just a MHO only” - but that leaves me asking “For what is/was the pole used?” - might or not be part of the story - I’m now more intrigued

Exactly, anything in an old image is part of the old story, it si not like a yard we are cleaning up, I like the idea of putting the old tin lamp back on it somebody removed,oh, then this is not just a IMHO, this is a must!!! lol , how about a dark featureless figure , just maybe an outline that has a bit of transparency, just standing inside in one of the (important feature) broken windows, located in a place only one viewer out of ten will spot, a hand is reached up wrapped and holding the broken glass, fingers on the outside, palm on the inside, that type of holding the broken window.
If that doesnt suit you, how about, get ride of that old bent green tin lamp on the rusty bent pole, (pole needs a little work and weathering, I think that is what is a bother making it feel out of place, it is too perfect,]]]] so lets bend it a bit here and there ever so slightly and slide a clown up towards the top legs wrapped leaned out just a bit looking with no doubt our minds his eyes are focus right on the viewer, Iam not sorry but I really like these strange clowns that are weird but diffidently harmless, I saw one riding on the back of a garbage truck just looking at all the people, very effective performing art,

x sign, so by giving a little color and texture will give it purpose and make it fit, now about the removal of the lamp covm mx mm
thank you for your support Terry