Sweat stain Removal

(Lynn Haynes) #1

I have a photo with a blue shirt and some sweat stains making some areas a very dark blue. Any way to address this in Topaz Labs?

(GregoryY) #2

You could possibly mask the darker areas and play with lightness, saturation or perhaps change the masked layer to soft light or screen mode. Just have a play.

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(Peter) #3

If you use Topaz Studio you can try with the heal brush.
Hope this helps

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(John) #4

Maybe use the HSL adjustment in Studio and adjust the darker blue lightness and saturation sliders?

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(Kenneth Kovach) #5

You should post the original photo, @brassfox, so we can work on them in Topaz Studio and see which method works the best! :smile:

(Lynn Haynes) #6

Nothing I have tried has worked yet. Could use some help. Thanks

(Kenneth Kovach) #7

I worked only on the stain around the third button on the shirt, using the HSL adjustment layer in Topaz Studio and the masking brush. The stain is lighter, but to make it really seamless with the rest of the shirt, I would use the masking tools in Photoshop as well as the Photoshop healing brush and clone brush to make the border seamless.

There might be faster ways, but unfortunately, it would take a while to fix the whole shirt. Good luck!

(Peter) #8

I gave it a try, too. I used the clone brush in Paint Shop Pro. It is important to set the clone brush to 50% or lower opacity and also a very low hardness. That way you have to go over the same area for several times whiich gives the cloned area a more natural look

. I left the shoulder and arm of the the gentleman alone because that can go as a shadow and not a sweaty shirt.