Swainson's Hawk and Baby

This Hawk and baby are right around the corner from me. I am told it is an endangered species. I used Sony Ar7iii 400mm lens and then AI Gigapixel to enlarge x2. Topaz Clear, sharpen (just a little). Here is my question: The first time I enlarged it, AI Gigapixel outputed it at 72 dpi ( orginally 300dpi). I then changed to custom setting and changed the ppi. Is there a way to change the dpi so that AI Gigapixel does not output at 72 dpi?


Great find and capture …

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It will be ppi (dpi is for prints) but set the width or height in inches or cm, then set the ppi to what you want. If using cm, Gigapixel should read ppc (pixels per centimeter) but it doesn’t change.

Great shot.


Thank you Artisan West. That is what I did, however, is there a way to set the dpi or ppi if just using the scale 2x,3x etc? Or do I have to do it custom to also change the dpi or ppi? I want to be able to change both. Thanks for your help

PPI is only relevant when dealing with dimension in inches. In actual use it doesn’t matter what the ppi is, you just specify the picture size and all the pixels are included. For example, if you have a 16" x 20" print using a picture that is 4000 pixels on the long side it will be printed at 200 pixels per inch on that side. If your file is sized at 72 ppi a printer won’t print a portion of the file it will be scaled to fit the page. If it is your home printer, you may have to set it to shrink or scale to fit…

I don’t see any other way for GAI to do what you are asking. You can bring the enlarged picture back into a photo program and resize it there but that can be tedious if you don’t want the program to resize it again.


Incredible shot. I’m envious, although I did nearly have a hawk of some sort nearly come in through my window yesterday. Did have a squirrell this evening though & not 100% sure he’s gone.

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Mark, I am not sure I would want a Hawk coming through my window… just thinking of those talons and the beak. Glad I have a BIG telephoto, mama Hawk was giving me ‘the eye’. Glad you like the shot.

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Thanks BobKramer