Surface Tension

After a rain, the greens in my garden often capture large droplets of water. This is a macro shot with my 40mm micro. Started in LR, out to Studio for a few adjustments, and back to LR for finishing touches.

Thanks for looking and best regards.


Nice macro. I have a suggestion. Perhaps try to crop your photo to have more water drop on it.

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Hi Pierre,

Thanks for the suggestion. Something like this?


Great macro capture, difficult to decide what best crop would be, i like a lot of the patterns on the leaf in addition to the drop

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Thanks Ken. My original idea was to focus attention on the subject while maintaining some context. Hence my original crop was not so tight offering some insight that the leaf might be rather large; in fact, it’s larger than my hand. In LR, I used a radial mask to create a vignette that diffused the surrounding area by lightening and reducing sharpness and clarity.

Of course, a closer crop also focuses attention on the subject while reducing pixel count. I helped that a little by using AI Gigapixel to enlarge the initial crop about 50% and then cropping that to the same pixel width as the original. The leaves on this plant - collard greens - have an interesting, small texture that can look similar to post-processing artifacts. So it’s a balancing act to crop closer while preventing that fine texture from developing artifacts. You can see that along the bottom edge of the droplet. Not a big deal, but if I were to want a print, I’d have to address that issue.

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I like your explanation, I enjoy really thinking about peoples’ processing choices and how people view their images.