Supporting more audio formats

Currently only stereo is supported for processing normally and having to split and recombine the audio and video is not only difficult to do with programs like ffmpeg, etc, but can create issues with audio sync.
What I am suggesting is support for more audio formats, even if it be stereo DolbyTrueHD or DTS-HD master audio.
Although preferably having it work with basic surround sound (5.1, 7.1, 4.0) would be truly great.
And even better, support for object based Dolby Atmos or large channel based formats like Auro 3D or DTS:X, for the cost of this software, it is definitely something at least worth considering.
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this request is actually on the way to be fixed for the 2.7 release (new Video/audio encoding Engine)

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I have found that using 2.6.2 only AAC audio is copied to the output. DTS and AC3 do not get copied. I hope these and all other common audio formats are accomodated by 2.7. In the meantime, MKVToolNix GUI is fairly quick and easy for moving the audio in a separate step.

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Thanks for the tip, never knew that program existed! And yeah, hopefully it’ll be sorted in the next update :+1:

The actual problem is nothing is “copied”, its transcoded so sounds like crap.

VEAI shouldn’t (and I believe wont in the update) touch the audio at all, just remux all the original audio tracks back in when the job is done, just like MKVToolNix.

Not sure how they will gracefully handle it during cropped upscales, though ffmpeg has always seemed to handle that well for me, its video it does poorly as it doesn’t seem to support re-generated frames before a key frame so only cuts on key frames. VEAI gets around the video issue of course as by its nature it HAS to regenerate every frame.

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I’d be happy if it just didn’t mess with the audio from the original file at all. Just a remux at the end. For Dione in particular I have to do that manually as it doubles the frame rate. Just a don’t mess with the audio track option would be nice.

I would just be happy if they only touched the actual video, it removes subtitles and messes up audio and if you have more than one language/audio track it copies(transcodes) the first if i remember correctly.

Why not just do what i do in ffmpeg manually, upscale the video and just copy over all the rest being all audio and subtitles. This would make my life a whole lot easier (cause they already made it harder by removing cli)