Support RAW cinema formats and colors spaces. Denoise model with fine tune

I would like to suggest adding support for reading professional RAW formats from ARRI, RED, Sony, CANON, DJI DNG, BMD cameras, and the correct interpretation of logarithmic color spaces such as LogC-AWG, S-Log, D-Log, ACES, etc.
Very often i have to work with such formats with noise reduction in such a video.
Therefore, the second part of the proposal is to add a special model for high-quality noise reduction and fine-tuning without increasing the video resolution, since very often I shoot professional cameras already in sufficient resolution - 4, 5, 6, 8K.

agree. Apple Prores RAW, CinemaDNG RAW.

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Just thinking about how AI models are trained… There is a conundrum here.
If you’re getting raw footage from professional cameras, and they still have so much noise that you feel the need to reduce it, how can noiseless footage be gotten to create noise reducing models?
If the answer is use some algorithm or well known progrom (synthetic means), then you should just use that.

I roughly understand how model training works - you need to give 2 images with and without noise.
Theoretically, NeatVideo works according to the same logic - I show the program a fragment of a frame with a uniform one-color texture, where there is noise, and then the program removes this noise throughout the video.
Can try to request fragments from camera manufacturers, for example, Colorchecker at different ISOs and thereby build a denoising model for different cameras. And camera selection can be made automatic based on meta from RAW.