Support for spatial videos (MultiView-HEVC) taken by the iPhone

Now that the official multiview extension of HEVC will be integrated into all new iPhones for 3D-video, Topaz Video AI would probably be widely used because those videos are currently limited to 1080p and 30 fps.

Technically it should be very simple to integrate. There is only one ordinary video track in the mov-container, one audio track and a few tiny tracks of metadata containing the depth information which could probably just be copied to the output file. Maybe coordinates for the meta data would have to be recalculated to the new resolution, but that should also be easy to implement as it is an official standard since 2014.

For those who wish to upscale spatial video, you can use my free and open-source tool to split the your videos into left-and-right ProRes files, upscale them with Topaz, then recombine them: GitHub - sturmen/SpatialMediaKit: Create and split MV-HEVC video files on an Apple Silicon Mac.

Upscaling SBS-Video is no problem, though I’much prefer keeping it in it’s original state. BUT: you cannot effectively stabilize SBS-video, that just does’nt work. Having steady video ist really cruical for 3d-video, so I’d really like to stabilize handheld shots with VEAI.