Support for displaying and setting color information

There may be some overlap with other requests.
Currently, only resolution and fps are displayed for video information, but we would like to be able to display and set color information (primaries, transfer, matrix, range, bitdepth) for input and output.

For example, below could be considered.

When an SD resolution image is upscaled to HD resolution, it would basically be converted from BT601 to BT709, but this cannot be confirmed or set on the GUI.

In the case of videos that are upscaled to HD resolution as BT601, if no meta tag is assigned, they may be misidentified as BT709 depending on the resolution, so this should be set optionally.

When 8-bit video is to be output in 10-bit, it cannot be set arbitrarily and is fixed at the bit depth in the encoder settings.

Even if HDR support is added in the future, the current display and settings are inadequate.

I do not know whether TVAI is targeting software for amateurs or professionals, but if it is for professionals, color information is a must.

I set the output to ProRes 422 HQ (so it will upscale a regular 1080p BluRay to YUV 4.2.2 (obviously).

VEAI doesn’t support HDR yet; but it’ s still possible with a secondary pass, using x265. You can use DGDecNV (free tool) to get the required HDR parameters first (conveniently put on the last line of the .dgi index file it creates; like

--colorprim 9 --transfer 16 --colormatrix 9 --master-display "G(13250,34500)B(7500,3000)R(34000,16000)WP(15635,16450)L(40000000,50)" --max-cll "1000,337" --frames 133041 --chromaloc 2

And use that, after VEAI, as second pass, for your x265 command line.

Naturally, you likely won’t be upscaling with a native 4k movie. :slight_smile: (although still possible to 8k).

Yes, it is easy to make it HDR compatible by using the CLI or another encoder, which I have already done.
My request is that the TVAI GUI should be able to display and configure it, as it lacks information regarding colors.
2022-12-07 (1)

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Sorry I took your post off-topic a bit. Naturally, I fully support your request to add color info (and the ability to change it – the output format allowing). :slight_smile:

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