Super 8 tutorial

Hi, I’m new at this and I’m sitting here with the digital versions of my dad’s old super 8 films from the 60s.

So I have been looking for a tutorial especially for how to deal with old super 8 and how to reach the best results. But I haven’t found any yet. Any recommendations?

The best thing you can do is physically clean the prints properly before scanning, but it sounds like you’re past that stage. My workflow is pretty fugly but I like the results.

Once I have the digital scans, I prefer a round of cleanup with AVISynth first. I find that it’s generally much better for the sort of large dirt and scratches found on film sources than more conventional denoisers. For the first round, I usually look to DeSpot and RemoveDirtSMC to do most of the heavy lifting. Then I stabilize in Premiere Pro on a shot-by-shot basis using WarpStabilizer with position only (not subspace warp!). A more conventional denoiser is appropriate here if still needed. Thirdly, do color correction in Resolve and enhance with VEAI. The more you can clean it beforehand the better the result will be.

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If you still have the original tapes please find a decent company that has the right equipment and understanding to convert to digital.

The scan on left was done on a cheap $400 Home scanner.
The scan on the right was done by a lab ($50 incl clean for the reel)

If the digital scan is bad no matter the work you put in it will be a waste of time.

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