Sun Shower (added monochrome)

Hello, this image is from my 2012 trip to Rocky Mtn NP. It was a stormy day so rather than hiking, I spent some time driving along Trail Ridge Road (TRR) stopping regularly for photographic reasons. :stuck_out_tongue: When I made this stop it was a mix of light rain and a few snow flakes (which you can see in the 3rd image). The image is an HDR blend of two images. Both were initially processed in LR and exported as TIFs. I used Studio 1 to blend them, and made some adjustments to the HDR with Adjust and Detail, and saved the new HDR image. To get this back into LR, a picked one of the images in LR to edit a copy in Studio 1, dragged the HDR into Studio and put it on the LR edit as an image layer with normal blending, and saved back to LR for some final tweaks.

Sun Shower from Trail Ridge Road, September 2012, RMNP


Foreground image:

Sky image:

Thanks for looking and best regards


great shot and pp

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Very challenging exposures to work with and very nice explanation!

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Well worth the effort…

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Thank you folks.

I had 6 images to choose from but only needed 2. Since they were aligned well, it made it easy to do in Studio 1 with just an image layer and a mask. I still prefer this way to do HDR than with dedicated software.

Added a monochrome version. Called B&W Effects from LR.

Great processing in all photos !

Nice catch for those lightbeams and foregroung background compo

Thank you Pierre and ekieki. @m.pierrealarie @ekieki

I was lucky being in the right place at the right time to catch the light beams. :slightly_smiling_face: