Sulawesi hornbills

First time the female has come out with the male when I’ve been at the zoo…

He has a strange fixation on my camera. I start to take a shot and he’s moved right in front of me. Tried to explain to him that with the zoom lens I can’t take his picture when he’s that close. Every time I moved he followed me. Finally just moved the camera close to him and he just stared into it.

Got this shot as we moved toward the door.

Used a touch of detail and glow.


Great capture and edits. I chuckled when reading your story… I guess he was being protective of his girlfriend.

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They used to say watch the birdie, so I guess he was getting his own back! Nice shot.

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He was always like that before she ever came out. He just has a thing for me…uh, my camera!

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That is a good story…very nice capture.

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Great image and love the story. I wonder if he sees himself in your lens and that’s why he’s doing that?


You had a ham,! Sometimes we all try to do more tweaking than necessary! Nice photo!!

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Your patience paid off …nice work.

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