Suggestions and questions about the functionality

Hello, I would like to draw attention to the missing important and simple functionality in the program. Why don’t you add a computer shutdown function after completing tasks? If the computer is turned on overnight, it would not be superfluous at all and I think not too difficult to implement.
There is also a question about starting the processing of several videos with different settings. When choosing different models, this often switches to one for all videos in the series. Why can’t I choose my own settings for individual videos, is this a bug?
And when switching the window to another, the processing performance often drops, can this be fixed? The computer has enough power, and the video card is not used at full load, even less than 90%, I think the performance could be more, but these are your technical solutions. So it turns out I can use several open programs or even games.
Also, when using the keep audio function, I would like the track to remain not converted, but as it is in the source, thank you. Avidemux works with this, but I would not like to use additional tools, I think it would be more convenient for everyone.
And regarding the functionality. I did not find the functions of cleaning the frame from film noise (dedot, despot and etc.) points and scratches, now it is easier to cope with this through VapourSynth (GUI Hybrid). Although there are frame damages in some videos, maybe AI training could solve this problem? Perhaps there is already a model?

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of course you can. load all the videos into TVAI, make sure not to select all the videos in TVAI (after you loaded them), select the 1st video on the list (TVAI list), select your preset, settings, etc. then click execute.
then got to second video and repeat the same. you can also select 2 or more videos while holding the CTRL key in cae you know you want the same settings on those. then execute.
each time you “execute” it will att those to the list with your selected settings for that video.
here is a Video that explains it better.