Suggested changes (V 2.4.1)

• Applying modifications to a mask (selection option inside an enhancement) is extremely painful as the App applies the change to the immediate contouring tile. Need (1) a lasso tool to establish a quick contour (2) an option to instead select luminosity for creating the subject mask.

• While creating a (subject) mask as in the above, do not apply the enhancement yet, wait for the ending click (e.g. end of a lasso selection - (click/draw/click)) otherwise we can get performance issues on large images.

• It should also be possible to copy a subject/selection mask from one enhancement and paste it into another enhancement.

• Add a toggle view button on the individual enhancements in the list so we can see the result with & without Noise Reduction, Sharpen, Adjust lighting, etc.

Thanks for the idea and suggestion! We actually added a toggle option to the most recent update to v2.4.2 from user request!

Make sure that you do not forget to vote for your idea :slight_smile:

Hi John,

Boy! This is the kind of great response to customer suggestions that wins over client fidelity! Kudos to the team.

A couple of years ago, Topaz Denoise was the answer to bird photographers whose high ISO (due to telephotos w/converters) images suffered from deep noise. I know: that’s how I got hooked to your products.

Today, it is the issue of gradients in astronomy. Not easy to distinguish light pollution gradients from actual nebulosity. It has spurred the development of competitive solutions - like GraXpert and AstroSharp, not to mention background extraction and noise reduction inside applications like PixInsight and Siril (to name just those two). If you can come up with a similar solution, this should open up Topaz to another market segment like the bird photographers in former years.


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Date 2024-03-28 21:41:02
Subject [Topaz Community] [Topaz Photo AI/Ideas] Suggested changes (V 2.4.1)