Suddenly computer power off during Photo AI processing

Hi there,

I will tell you about my curious experience in the last days during processing with Photo AI, but also with DxO PureRaw. I’m almost sure, the cause is not the software, but rather the operating system or an unfavorable constellation between CPU and graphics card.

What happend:
During processing in Photo AI or Dxo PureRaw, my computer go suddenly power off. Not after the first or second image, rather after sixth or more images. After powered off, I can immediately start the computer again over the case power switch(I haven’t touch the switch on PSU). This has been happening for about 1-2 weeks now, before that everything was fine.

My computer parts:
Asus Z690-P D4 Mainboard with latest Bios version 2801
Intel i7-12700K CPU with DeepCool AK500 Aircooler
Sapphire 4GB AMD RX 6500XT Pulse Graphic card with latest drivers
Samsung NVMe SSD
Kingston Renegade 2x16GB 3600 RAM
Enermax Revolution DF ERF750EWT 750W ATX PSU
Windows 11 Pro with latest Updates
all components aren’t overclocked

I checked the CPU and GPU with several Benchmark tools, also with OCCT (temperature and voltage), nothing happend during run. I browsed the internet and became aware of an article on IgorsLab, where he talked about load peaks and the effect on the power supplies. I suspected that it could be the power supply, however when the power supply shuts down, this then requires the switch on the power supply to be operated or de-energized to be able to turn the computer back on.(this is not necessary in my case).

After that I played with settings in Photo AI and tested it with only CPU using or only GPU using. I could clearly see that it only happens during processing with the AMD graphics card. Ich checked the Windows eventlog, but nothing entries, checked with hwinfo64 and GPU-Z, however, I could not notice anything conspicuous. Also, I switched the performance level in AMD software graphic card settings, this didn’t help too.

And then last, I changed the power options in Windows 11 from Balanced to Max. Performance. And the result was no more sudden shutdown of the computer.
Switch back to Balanced, the power off happend again.

I still don’t know exactly what the cause is, but the Photo AI and DxO PureRaw processing runs through to the end, without power off.

There are so many issues of this type with the z690 and z790 mainboards and 12700 to 13900 cpu’s. I noticed cpu power spikes up to 573 W with my cpu even though I set power limits in the msi bios. have a 1000 W psu tough because I use an rtx 4090. :eyes: