Subscription model?

I recently processed a video only to see a big, fat, TopazLabs company logo watermark in the middle of every frame. I guess I didn’t realize that TopazLabs switched to a paid subscription model, even for the versions of the product that was already purchased. I thought I purchased the software for unlimited use!

Now I’m wondering what my options are. Am I forced to extend my subscription for another year? If I do that, would downloading the AI models to my local device allow me to use the software without any limitations? Am I forced to pay about $90, every year? Can I just buy a version of the software, without limitations?

Julian Maier (@nmkd) doesn’t require any kind of subscription for his FlowFrames software. Why doesn’t TopazLabs offer a once-and-done payment option for a version of their software?

It is not a subscription based license. the annual renewal license is for the upgrade protection.
you probably been logged off from the tool for some reason or you are trying to use a higher version of the tool that is past your 1 year upgrade protection. just re-login with your account credentials in the tool and you should be fine.


Akila is right. if you have further issues please contact :slight_smile:

Hmm… perhaps something got messed up with my internet configuration that caused the software to not register with my account. It didn’t look like I was logged off. I didn’t see the “Trial Mode” icon.

please write to :slight_smile: