Submitting Stock Photographs Q&A issues w/Topaz

Want to start this topic for discussion concerning Topaz’s software. Aspiring photographers want to earn a few dollars back to at least recoup their costs for equipment and software. I’ve run into issues where noise and the results of using noise reduction have caused rejections. I can’t say they were wrong in some of the cases. I’m hoping this topic opens a whole can of worms. From the initial quality of the photograph to the submission and to who it was submitted. I’m hoping to find the minimal equipment and software needed to be successful at stock photography. Some starter questions:

  1. Who out there is successfully submitting photographs for stock photography to sell for you(using Topaz software)?
  2. Is gigapixel and Topaz software enhancing the photographs to make them acceptable and appealing?
  3. What camera’s, len’s and equipment are you using?
  4. Any other issues that pop up?
  5. Successful submissions or accepted submissions and why.

I sell some stuff at fineartamerica … not stock … but saleable. Most done using Topazlabs products, Nikon D700, Nikkor 14-24, Nikkor 70-200, Nikkor 105mm, Sigma 150-600.

Jack do you have a link. I would like to see what your succeeding in doing.

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I am selling stuff mostly on Shutterstock, but I also have BigStock and Adobe. I have occasionally had a pic upload with that zombie look that happens sometimes right before the true color edit lands. And it is irritating because sometimes, it is actually accepted, but the color isn’t true. I have lots of stuff that has gone through Denoise accepted, but others rejected because they see that noise reduction has been used, and they don’t like the artifacts. I find that often it is just the luck of the draw with the reviewer. Sometimes I will have every pic accepted, and maybe the next time all rejected. When I get a rejection, I submit the same pic again, sometimes making it a bit smaller but still within the required parameters. Most often the resubmission goes. What I have found using the Denoise is to be really careful not to overdo it. And if there is so much noise that the program doesn’t give you a great shot, then time to shoot again. Stock can be challenging, but also fun to see shots selling all over the world.

Thank you and you have great work out there. I’m still working through the beta testing work flow here, and I still have a full time job. Once I get all this organized I should be more consistent on this forum.

As I work the issues of workflow I will be able to respond more quickly. I want to say thank you for filling me in. I went through some rejections recently and I purposefully pushed the envelope. It was interesting I used the photos on photoguru to check levels of likes and views then submitted the highly rated photos to Shutterstock. This established a base. Now I am setting everything up for a smooth workflow from analyzing and checking my individual lense focus on my cameras to file conversion ect… Hope this will provide some good data. All of it will be rough at first but as experience and persistence win out I maybe able to refine this to a science. My main concern is not to get stuck at any point where it absorbs too much time on any part of the process. The information you provided verified what I felt was happening in Shutterstock. Your info was invaluable and saved some time Thank You.